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Setup Your Mortgage

Mortgage Setup

Get the best mortgage and FREE coaching to pay it off fast!

Burn Your Mortgage

Mortgage Burning Party

Join the "Live Debt Free" program & celebrate with a Mortgage Burning Party.

Build Wealth

Build Wealth

My mom taught me how to build my Real Estate empire. I want to teach you. 

Retire Rich

Retire with Cashflow

Proactive Downsizing Strategy to Ensure You Leave a Legacy Behind - Not Debt! 

first time home buyers

first time home buyers

Buying your first home is a milestone for your family. It comes with equal measures of excitement and trepidation. Excitement at making what could be your most significant purchase to date and trepidation at organizing a mortgage. That’s why finding a family mortgage agent you can trust is so important. I remember when I was getting my first mortgage. I thought I wouldn't qualify. Thankful, I had a trusted agent who showed me that I was more than qualified. Not only could I get a mortgage to buy my first property, but I got the right one to suit my needs. This is why I love assisting families with their first home purchase. I can help you through the process of obtaining your first home from the first step through to closing till your mortgage is paid off.

Rental Mortgages

Rental Purchases

If you are about to purchase your first rental property, or if you are expanding your real estate empire, then you will want to work with Sylvia who has experience in the rental market. Sylvia is an avid real estate investor and a landlord herself. Her passion for real estate will guide you into building your real estate empire.

Mortgage for rentals are much more complex than a standard owner occupied home. You will be well served by Sylvia who has experience in the market. She will be able to use her links and contacts with various lenders to secure you the best deal, whether it is for a single investment property or if it is for a larger portfolio of properties.

Repeat Buyers Mortgages

Repeat Buyers Mortgages

​If you are ready to move on to a new property, then you should take the opportunity to consider your mortgage options. You may think that working with your current lender maybe the best option, but do consider other options to achieve a more favourable financial position. By consulting with a mortgage agent with Sylvia's years of experience, you maybe able to consider more than your current lender. Sylvia will review your current financial position and will also understand your future goals and help you achieve them with her outside of the box thinking.

Debt Consolidation Mortgages

Debt Consolidation Mortgages

​Feeling heavy with debts? Maybe an unplanned major repair or a family emergency or a loss of job? Living paycheque to paycheque?

If you find yourself in the position of having a significant amount of debt and cash flow is an issue, you should take the time to sit down and talk to an expert like Sylvia. She will be able to give you options that may help you to not only pay a lower interest rate but help your monthly cash flow. This will reduce your monthly outgoings and take some stress off your finances.

Renew Your Mortgages

Renew Your Mortgages

​If it is time to renew your mortgage, then it is time to seize the opportunity to improve your financial situation. When the bank sends out your renewal notice, they are hoping that you will simply agree to the terms they are offering. The banks make a lot of money from customers who simply renew without taking the time to research their options.

Don't just renew with your current bank because it's easy, partner up with Sylvia to get you the best deal and secure for financial position for the long term.

Self Employed Mortgages

Self Employed Mortgages

​If you are a hard-working self-employed entrepreneur, you are probably already aware that getting a mortgage is not as straightforward for you as it is for others. Lenders scrutinize self employed individuals with a fine tooth comb and hence, the options for the self-employed have decreased.

Conventional routes are by far limited now as the mortgage rules have changed. Working with Sylvia is vital to securing the best possible mortgage options available in the market. There are many lenders that work directly with mortgage agents and do not work with the public. Hence, it’s vital to have access to these lenders too.

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